Living our Principles, Drinking our own Champagne, Saying Goodbye to Slack and Hello to Status

Should we put the FAQ on the website @Chad?

It is already on the website on the nightlies page and linked in this thread. We could put it everywhere but will probably still have the same problem :frowning:

I will take some time today to see if it’s possible to automate the killing of ubuntu-server when we start the app before spawning a new ubuntu-server.

Is that problem me @Chad :joy: it looks like there are some faqs but not the same faqs will make a PR…the linked FAQs on the website didn’t have the bit about the Ubuntu server hang thing.

OK, raised a PR that will make manually killing ubuntu-server a thing of the past: Ensure no ubuntu-server process is running at startup by pedropombeiro · Pull Request #6761 · status-im/status-mobile · GitHub


The desktop hits have kept on coming! Since the last update we’ve had features such as windows nightlies(!!!), message notifications, new icons, performance improvements, scroll bars, unread dock notifications, private group chats, device syncing, a bunch of bug fixes and so much more.

Many teams have come together to contribute and have committed to shipping the first stable alpha release by December 14. :tada: To see what remains and track progress then head over to this GitHub issue to follow along.

After the first stable release we hope to settle into a regular cadence that is compatible with our mobile releases and then work towards mobile parity.