Should we remove public chats?

I predict that this post will end with no conclusion.

My 2 cents: My recommendation is to remove the chats ASAP. They are completely odious and I find it impossible to recommend Status to others in this state. There is no worse user experience than setting up your account, clicking on the first public chat and finding out they are all scams & spam, no signal only noise. Other chat apps, like WhatsApp and Signal, have succeeded without such public chats, I don’t think such public chats are necessary for the app to succeed. What would help with growing the app, as others have said, is getting existing NFT/crypto communities to use the app.

Decentralized Moderation

  • Make an open extension/plugin for people to develop their own spam filters and share. Lists can be near real time, subscribed, and similar to uBlock.
  • Client filtering option to filter or hide users with low reputation scores (like Reddit karma), words, phrases.
  • User configurable.

This solution would decentralize and tailor the moderation to the individual person. Each person can decide the amount of filtering, and be responsible for their own “censorship” and “deplatforming” criteria, while everyone else can have their own criteria.

I am very much against adding a reputation score system… Sounds like the social credit system in China, yuck!

I like the idea of spam lists in the form of text files that users can import to the client and it will automatically block or hide posts from accounts that meet the criteria.

The differences in my proposal:

  1. Each individual user gets to choose how the post is scored.
  2. Each individual user gets to choose the threshold to hide/show the post.
  3. Nobody has the power of you.
  4. Nobody has the power over someone else.
  5. Whatever you want, doesn’t affect what someone else wants.
  6. It’s no different than blocking ads. You have your own rules and you can subscribe to other people’s rules. Scores are not collected and published for each ad or advertiser.
  7. If you don’t want it, you don’t have to use it, and you can see all posts.

All filters use a scoring system. It’s just a matter of who controls it. My proposal puts that control to each individual user.

Would be awesome if you made it similar to telegrams channel system.