2020 Event Attendance

Hey All,

Id like to know what, if any, events you all will be or want to attend this year. The calendar is filling up quite quickly and with an app in production, we can start to think how events fit into the overall marketing strategy again (after a quiet year in 2019).

We get invited to sponsor all the time, but if we will be attending either as participants or speakers, there are ways we can tap into the event from an outreach perspective without spending tons on sponsorship.

With that, we have created a 2020 event list (with the support of the Embark squad). Feel free to add other events to the list. Please leave a comment in this thread or in the google doc if you will be at any of them? We can help apply for speaker slots and other such things. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jwNW9fP42CKSG2UXtHyZfGSIjMQDX8qUsk3hlHjIWHQ/edit#gid=0

Already I am considering a presence at Paris Blockchain Week (PBCW) so would be nice to know if anyone is planning to go.


Hello Sir @jonathan, I sent the request already. thank you for this.

  • I have a talk about Keycard at EthCC early March
  • I’d be glad to go to Paris Blockchain Week end of March to give some presence to Status. I had wrote to them to propose a speech about Keycard, but I think they favor sponsors for talks.
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@guylouis - ive inquired about event sponsorship but it is very expensive and we dont get too much for the price. In the inquiry, ive followed up and let them know we have submit talks and still happy to present so lets see what they say.

Looks like the following have talks at EthCC:

Am i missing anyone? @mamy are you or anyone from the Nimbus team presenting?

If possible, would you guys be open to meet with media if it can be arranged?


goodluck guys! Let’s bring home the bacon!