30 Day Wellness Challenge

Wellness Challenge

30 days of June

Being healthy is an important part of life. With everyone working from home, it’s easy to forget to leave the house. PeopleOps would like to introduce a 30 Wellness Challenge to encourage everyone to add more movement into their June.

How to compete:

It’s simple. Share a picture of your activities or mention your activities in the PeopleOps Status channel and we’ll add your photos in the newsletter! We will be running leaderboards to determine who will be the winners of the Wellness Challenge.

We will have different prizes for wellness activities :woman_in_lotus_position:t4::biking_woman:t4:

Prizes Tiers:

  • Most active
  • Most creative workout
  • Most progressed

What counts as active?

Anything! Sign up for a new fitness class, go for a hike, or simply take a 15 minute walk around your neighbourhood. If you are already active with sports, share your workouts with us!

Need some inspiration: Check out this post from Bruno!


Thanks for sharing the post, @rajanie!

If anyone wants to connect with via Garmin, I’ve connected my Status Google account to it so you should be able to find me if you do the same. I’m also on Myfitnesspal as theswader.

Another fun way to keep healthy is some cardio intensive VR. Beat saber is by far the best game for this, but if you can get your hands on a Virtuix rig that’s cool too (plenty of venues have been set up around the world) as that’ll let you run and gun. More VR games good for cardio are knockout league, box vr, and thrill of the fight if you like boxing, holopoint for archery, holoball for some retro pong, gorn for some brutality, and Echo Arena for some zero gravity multiplayer fun (think Ender’s game Frisbee game). If you’re up for VR, let’s hook up - theswader on both Steam and Oculus.

Slow start! Must be a weekend effect. Here’s my 1st June run, trying to get back into the groove.

Because I love data and visualization, I make sure to check and play with the graphs every time. You can see in the pace graph where my dog anchored down and decided to poop, which I promptly used to restore some heart rate as visible on the HR line. Then later on there’s a spike in pace where she starts pulling me like a locomotive because she saw a rabbit in the field running alongside our route.


In the spirit of sharing visualizations, the past 4 years I have done the “Murph” workout (without a vest) this time of year. Here are my times.

My record was last year, where I finished in 48 minutes & 55 second. That time I broke up the reps as:

20 Rounds:
– 5 Pull-ups
– 5 Push-ups
– 15 Squats
– 5 Push-ups

This year I did:

1 Round:
– 1 Pull-ups
– 2 Push-ups
– 3 Squats
33 Rounds:
– 3 Pull-ups
– 6 Push-ups
– 9 Squats

Did not work as well this year, I ended ripping 3 blisters into my right hand in the middle which slowed me down on the pull ups and finished 3 minutes slower this year.


That’s really hardcore, how often do you do this one @barry?

Activity-wise for June 2nd, I’m rounding off my last week with 20k steps per day for a total distance of 117km this past week give or take.

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I usually go with the least resistance route, so I found HIIT workouts works the best for me. 7-10 minutes a repetition, no equipment needed.

I do 40 seconds workout + 10 seconds of rest:

  • push-ups
  • squats
  • abdominal crunch
  • triceps dip
  • plank
  • high-knees/running
  • lunge lower body
  • push-up + rotation
  • 2 side planks

that is my last workout from yesterday


Neat! What app is that?

I only do Murph once a year.

you guys are killing it with the workouts. Don’t forget to log them here on the leaderboard

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That’s a standard Activity app on an iPhone. I just use it to track stuff, no custom software.

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The last time I left my home was to go to Prague :rofl: but my home have plenty of garden, so I guess is fine for my mental, anyway I admit I am low in exercising.


Tuesday is Pancake Tuesday in the Swader house, and that means that instead of skipping breakfast (as the kids like to call it, intermittent fasting), me being a mesomorph doesn’t mesh with the 1000 kcal of delicious pancakey input. So the input has to be burned.

Enter: the Guilt Trip.

The Guilt Trip is a run from my home to the city pool, 3km, swimming for X where X is 2 laps longer than last time but at least 1km, and then walking back 3km. The kicker? All this in blistering heat.

It's 7:30 am and it's 43°C in the sun. You go out here and you have to shadow-hop like a dumbass vampire with sunblock cream from Blade. pic.twitter.com/88GuwBB2vB

— Bruno Skvorc (@bitfalls) June 3, 2019

This is around 2 hours of heart rate well above 120. Coupled with around 500kcal from the run and swim alone, plus another 200 or so from the walk, the afterburn from the residual hightened heart rate is enough to blast all the way up to 1000 kcal required to completely wipe the pancakes.

Fun fact: for people who sit for prolonged periods of time, swimming is an excellent exercise because it stretches your upper body - the part that suffers the most as you hunchback over a laptop.

Fun fact two: the Guilt Trip’s duration is a total of some 2 hours, just enough to squeeze in a missed Ethereum Core Dev call or Eth2 Implementers Call you may have missed. It’s working and working out :+1:


hahaha it’s not only about exercise. It’s a wellness challenge so anything that promotes wellness.

I intermittent fast :grin:

Wellness is complicated. Wellness can be defined as the absence of bullshit. Going on a retreat or meditation from time to time is curing symptoms, not causes. But that part - the slap-on wellness I’ve got handled with a garden office :slight_smile:


How’s everyone doing this week? This is the last week of the challenge.
Send any pictures if you have anymore, winners will be announced next week!!

Does a short 28km ride to the BJJ class and back count?


I guess I could share some photos from my swimrun along the Gotheborg coast. Quite invigorating! Recommended!


You have such magical looking environments. When I go for a run a get a view of the highway.

Same when running at home. I’m on vacation right now, hence the view :slight_smile: maybe if I manage to move the family here in 2 years the views will become a constant