A Decentralized Status App? "What's your Status?"

A Decentralized Status App? “What’s your Status?”

I would like to create a new decentralized way of blogging platform. The app’s user interface the same with Medium but it’s decentralized. You can also embed images from your computer and has a camera button. It’s called “What’s your Status?” You can create your account or login by using Status contact code. It’s 100% decentralized and anonymous the same with Status.

They can write a blog post daily with anonymous and decentralized. You can share it to your social media but people only see your contact code and we will add tip button or reward button if people wants to tip or reward you only but the apps only accept Status token.

This is what I’m thinking I guess for 2021 or 2022? Dunno we will see. If you have questions or idea you can share it and comment below.

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