A Letter to Status; Context & Strategy

This is a draft, published early for the Townhall, still proofreading and adding to it.

So we're getting to an organisation level where broadcasting communication is probably the most effective to reach everyone, and often I take it for granted that I've been with the project for longest, and quite frankly there was a many years of experience, reading, thinking and research that lead to our project's creation. And I realize now my role should be mostly that of an educator, at least what I (think I) know, and I certainly don't know much at all.

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Hi Jarrad - Thanks for the very interesting article.

I hope it is okay to point to an incorrect link. The ‘Principles’ and ‘values & principles’ links lead to an incorrect page (My first HackMD note (playground) - HackMD). I checked that the Principles are available in another page.

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TBH, i’m shocked…