A weird thread about governance

So I wrote a post on facebook that was about a wonderful video on the nature of Math and Physics, which then turned into a conversation about how to accept results of conversations you don’t understand, and how people tend to be angry when you tell them they can’t understand something despite whether or not it is a true statement or that you have backing to say it.

I think this concept is vitally important to keep in mind as we think about how to build software and process for general governance. In that light, I would love to know your thoughts and how you interpret what I’ve written, and how that may have bearing on the tools and processes we try and create at Status.

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I think it’s a huge skill to understand one’s limitations and be honest enough to say “I don’t understand this, and I probably never will (devote the time to trying)”. Some people know their limitations (and admit it), some people know their limitations and won’t admit it. And others won’t accept/know it.

As it relates to Status, I think it’s important to consider that non-hardcore crypto users probably won’t ever want the detail - I don’t know how my bank works, I don’t know how the train companies run the train schedules, I don’t know how my car has been built - but they will want to know that there are experts involved in making those decisions and that ultimately there’s accountability and a level of transparency.

I’ve been following the space for 3 years now - I’d class myself as a novice enthusiast. I know more about crypto and blockchains that 99% of my friends, and still probably know less than every single person reading this thread. I found almost all the folks at Status (and others I met outside of Status) as friendly and welcoming - but I do think there’s a element of “if you don’t understand the detail then your opinion isn’t valid” that exists in the crypto world. The poses the risk that a small group of experts build software primarily for themselves that whilst technically brilliant doesn’t appeal to the masses. Or worse, they build something that is brilliant and would appeal to the masses, but they are put off elitism and/or condescending behaviour.

A huge plus in Status’ favour here is the focus on education - experts that are willing to share time/knowledge/links/books to help others understand.