Add Local Contact Names

Idea name:

Contact names


Add functionality to associate a nickname to any contact public key. The nickname will only be stored on the local device and will take precedent over the 3-word-pseudonym / ENS name when displayed in the UI.

The contact nickname should also be transferred during device data syncing.

Use case:

As a user, I want to add a nickname to my contacts so that I don’t get confused about who I’m chatting to or struggle to find the person I want to chat with in my contact list.

Target user:

Anyone that wants to identify a contact by a custom local name.

Why this is important:

Marketing ( @Rugi and @andyboyan ) have reported that users really dislike the 3-word-pseudonym and dislike using the Status app because of they can’t easily use a contact list with more than a few contacts.

That’s a really good start! Thank you.
Is that any possibility that these nicknames can persist across different installations in case the user buys a new smartphone (which is something pretty common)? Or would that impact in privacy somehow?


That is interesting. It would need to be part of device sync functionality, and it wouldn’t impact privacy. We already have device sync functionality for contacts.

I’ll add the feature request that the nicknames need to be included in device data sync.


This might be related


This feels like an important feature, as well as low-hanging fruit. :slight_smile: I submitted this as a feature suggestion months ago, though most of the detail was lost when it was distilled down to just five words on a Trello roadmap card.

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Introduced in 1.7 release, @samuel should we close it as solved ? :slight_smile:


Maybe add a link to the PRs that introduced this functionality

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