Aggregating meeting/hangout notes

Second fairly dry topic of the day from me, appreciate you hearing me out! :smiley:

Writing with a proposal that we start improving our meeting note hygiene. My 2cents is that we haven’t been consistent across Status in making/sharing meeting notes, and where we have kept call notes, these have been spread across different platforms (e.g., Google Doc, etc.) which reduces discoverability.

Why are meeting notes important?

Imo because:

  • They promote transparency - one of our principles
  • Communication is the oxygen of a distributed project
  • It helps reduce silos, decreases the potential for misinformation
  • Avoids changes happening which feel like they come out of the blue (seeing ideas progress by following meeting notes helps one feel on top of things)
  • Helps people better connect the dots between their work and what others are working on
  • Promotes cross collaboration - if you know what’s going on elsewhere you can more easily get involved in things that take your interest.

How would we go about gathering everyone’s hangout notes?

Looking for your ideas here but some things that could work are, for example:

  • Have an email address where people can submit meeting notes - People Ops can then aggregate and share
  • Put all meetings on the Status calendar so they’re visible and people can drop in if they want to take part. Imo it’s at the meeting hosts’ discretion as to whether the meeting contains sensitive content and shouldn’t be on a shared cal.
  • Agree on one place where people store meeting notes (requires some coordination)
  • Make use of e.g. Zoom transcription (requires everyone to use Zoom).

What’s the output?

Once we have a good flow of weekly meeting notes, we can find a convenient place to share these out, whether that’s a quick summary in each week’s newsletter, or just a repository on Google Drive, or something else.

What do you think?

Worth our time and effort to pursue?
Any ideas for how best to gather notes across Status?

Cheers! c

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I really appreciate the approach @guylouis follows with keycard to have a team page that links out the meeting notes and other relevant docs. Find one, find everything.


With the Embark team, we put most of our brainstorm notes and ideas in, but it sucks a bit because you cannot look at the list of all notes, you only see the notes you have opened (history).

So we started aggregating them in a github wiki (Home · status-im/embark-specs Wiki · GitHub). The link might be private because we didn’t want competitors stumbling on our ideas (yeah sorry the transparency isn’t fully there).

Anyway, our process is not perfect, but it’s better now that we list the notes in the wiki so we can find them again.

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