Allow posting to public channel labeled as 'Anonymous'

Idea name: Send message as ‘Anonymous’
Description: Allow users to post to a public channel as ‘Anonymous’ instead of showing the ENS name or 3-word random name
Use case: As a user, I want to send anonymous messages in a public chat under a communal ‘Anonymous’ account so that I can communicate without disclosing my identity while using a collective voice
Target user: Any user; likely users familiar with #moot
Why this is important: It facilitate using a collective voice (?)
Any other comments: Discussion about the implementation, purpose and value of this feature here.

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

This is an awesome idea, but it would be possible to set a customized name & link for anonymous channels right?
I mean where does “Anonymous” come in?

For example, on Telegram. Anyone can create a Telegram channel but no one knows who creates the channel.
And you can set a name for the channel.

Edit: Ignore this, I’m an idiot!

I think I just read to reply instead of reading to understand

I thought you meant “Channel” & not “Public Chats”

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I came to say this.

In essence, we can do this by embedding a single chat key into the application that is shared by every single install.

This was previously referred to as the “moot” account in earlier times. By using the same key, we increase the anonymity set and decrease the amount of information shared by the user “posting as anonymous.”

I think it would probably be best to not have this as a completely separate account, but an option to change “how you sign the message” when in a given chat context which changes how the rest of the world sees us. By doing it this way, it also allows us more control to not allow it in private chats, as the key exposure eliminates the possibility of maintaining privacy when signing messages with this key.

For a broader discussion and proposal

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