Are there any public Whisper channels?

Hello, I’m following this basic Whisper tutorial here:

I’m running a bare public Whisper node and subscribing to it a public channel using web3.js, via a
generateSymmetricKey("DEFAULT_CHANNEL"), and a default topic of 0x11223344.

I can message a friend logged into the same node, but when he runs a local node, which also finds its own devp2p peers, and we are both on --rinkeby, we never see each others messages.

Are there other things we can try? Isn’t running a Whisper public chat room as simple as distributing the same channel key and topic to everyone?

Much appreciated, Paul

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Hey Paul - welcome to the discuss forum!

Im not a developer so probably not the best person to answer this question so posted in our discord channel as well. If you want, you can post the question in the Support channel as well and someone may be able to help you out. Discord

Status recently switched to Waku, (spec here)so not sure if whisper topics are still available in Status (but once again, I could be wrong).

Welcome to discuss status Paul.

Thank you.