Being scammed in Status App

Hi everyone,

Can I do something if a scammer page has stolen somehow my money from my status account?

I want to ask does status have a verified telegram social media account

Good question i did not find. It seems to me all Status app is a big scam.

Hey @szekelyg,

First, thank you for posting this question in the forums and it may help others in the future who have similar questions.

The Status app is designed from the ground up to be uncensorable to any individual using its services.
We have lots of goodies in the works to create a massive UX improvement for the Status app members such as yourself to have better tools at your disposal in order to stay safe out there. However, we will always preach self-education and self-security. Please always carefully engage with other individuals using the Status app. Especially the ones you may not know.

Hi, please help me to get back my money.

Hi again @szekelyg

I suppose you clicked on a link that led you to an external webpage where you connected your wallet and approved a malicious transaction that drained your wallet, as this often occurs in this type of scenario. In that case, I unfortunately have to inform you that there’s nothing we can do on our end.

What I advise you to do is to revoke your token approvals using tools like and to inform yourself on the best practices to stay safe while navigating the wild-west of web3. :slight_smile:

Follow us on Twitter as we will share future updates to the Status Mobile app to help users be more informed and be safe while doing just that.

Sincerely, Jaksa

Dear all
Please don’t believe this application status wallet, you will lose your money, they are cheating on the users and every time they will ask you to deposit money to verify the account, but it’s fake, and they will ask for more money,
Don’t use this application don’t put your money with them coz 100% you will lose your money,

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