Blockchain Week, NY: May 12-20

Hey All,

There will be a few of us at blockchain week in NY next week. Wanted to give a recap of what’s planned so far.

  • Attendees:
    • Me (Corey)
    • Jonny
    • Barry
    • Dean
    • Hutch (Web3)


  • The plan is rather ad-hoc at this point. I was late on getting press passes for Consensus and TokenSummit so I won’t be attending those unless I get them late. I will definitely be attending EthNY for the entirety of that event, and basing where I spend my time off the discussions I have with people I know will be there. Any unplanned time will be spent with available teammates working on Status-related projects.
  • I will also be attending a security workshop 16th (K for Smart Contracts Tickets, Thu, May 16, 2019 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite) to learn about some other security tooling for smart contracts, and how that might fit within our current build processes.
  • At some point, I will meet with Trail of Bits, as they are located there, to touch base and spend time with their team about our retainer.

The sheer amount of relevant people in the space makes the trip worth it alone. I hope to see some more Status folks, as seeing you all in real life is always better than through video conferencing!


I will be in NYC starting from the 17th.

I’m in NY this week and would love to get together with some Status friends. I wasn’t planning on being around so I haven’t registered for any of the events and have my day job during the day but am open in the evenings.

I will be arriving before 6pm, and should be available after 7-8pm. If you are chillin’ somewhere in the city send me the location on Status.

Btw, what was the channel name?