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Some of you might know that I co-founded a non-profit NGO the sole purpose of which is organizing two conferences: Bločk and Blocksplit. The NGO has one employee doing logistics and we’re paying for him out of pocket, while both conferences are non-profit as well. The purpose is revitalizing Croatia, where life is not very good (answer archived from Quora, where it’s since been deleted).

I think Croatia is an excellent target for the “we’re developing it for us but also the disenfranchised” principle, as it sits firmly in the land of civilian inertia and political corruption but has access to tech and internet to an almost Western degree.

So, three things in regards to the upcoming Bločk conference for December (less than a month now).

Crypto Hunt

The conference will end with a crypto hunt around town, and I’m looking to make things as user friendly as possible. The basic description of the event is here, but I’m looking for advice and/or support on how to pull this off better to have Status make a bigger splash and better impression, and to demonstrate real world use of blockchain tech.


We still have some slots open for speakers - both for workshops and for talks. It would be absolutely awesome if someone from the Embark team could come and host a 4 hour workshop on building something kickass. Since the conference is NFT oriented, NFT themes are desirable, but not necessary - anything will do (DTwitter comes to mind). Anyone interested in attending? With all the bad in Croatia, Xmas time is actually quite pretty and there’s lots of stuff to see - particularly advent in Zagreb, or the various warm spring spas around the Croatian North. @PascalPrecht @iurimatias

Status Extensions

It would be stellar if someone could come and host an extension building 4 hour workshop, or a talk on how to do it. Extensions are still very confusing and I think most people will want to use them in tandem with an external service, so I think a workshop or talk on how to build an extension which can execute a remote call and parse return values from it, then how to turn it into a QR code disseminate it would be fantastic learning material for all involved. @pedro @Chad

Just a note on workshops - they’re all paid, given that the conf’s only aim is to keep the NGO at a positive zero, we give the ticket fees to the speaker, and we pay for all transportation and lodging as well, of course.

It goes without saying that I’d be absolutely thrilled if several fellow Statusthams came to the conference and that I’d be absolutely stoked to have some kind of support from Status as the organization (i.e. crypto hunt reward, sponsorship), but this post is mainly about spreading awareness of Status in a community which needs it, without it actually knowing it needs Status.

Let me know what you think and if you’d like to be involved in any way whatsoever.


Nothing? :frowning: Not a single soul wants to join us here?

I would be glad to present about extensions but unfortunately it conflicts with the roadshow in Asia.
When is Blocksplit? :slight_smile:

Similar update for me. Love everything about this post (and enjoyed the archived quora answer re: Croatia too), just have a conflict with timing for Blockconf. Hope to attend Blocksplit!

End of April for Split looks like.