Brainstorm for the future of status

  • social function: the biggest im/social channel, replace existing facebook/telegram…, not because of replacement, for real privacy respect and protect, means the real eager people want (freedom)
  • network capacity: for large contents processing or storage, IPFS or ARwave mightbe considered to support
  • circulated all over the world: expand status’ influence wordwide, like mightbe cooperate with pi network or helium or similar, support to exchange pi or hnt token to snt at certain rate, thus all the people in the world can easily hold snt token, rather than be blocked by various restrictions and thresholds;and also by this, status will be the stepping stone to let people in any corner of the world to open the door to surf freely in the cryptoworld, it’s a victory on spiritual meaning.
  • more cost effective blockchain: current gas fee on L1 eth is very high, which actually has limited the room for status development, L2 or other cost effective solution mightbe need to considered of.

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