Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Istanbul

Hey yall,

Wanted to start a thread to coordinate those going to a gym in Istanbul while we’re there for those that would like to go.

Things needed to figure out:

  1. how many folks are going
  2. a gym to go to and their hours
  3. a good time to go

people I know are interested:

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I think we’ll need to find a place that could rent a gi, or somewhere that offers no-gi for those that can’t bring a gi with them.

An alternative is if the space we rent has space, we could rent mats?

@emizzle and I have already looked into some gyms and where planning to go to this one:,29.0737407,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x14cac7f5deffe5fd:0xc2edd94d063d8a68!8m2!3d40.9795391!4d29.0759294

“specialized in leg-locks” yikes, lol.


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Thanks for starting a thread on this @petty!

One of my students is from Turkey and has some good friends there. She said we should train at Achilles Grappling ( as that this is probably one of the better BJJ gyms in Istanbul. She has gotten me in contact with the owner of the gym, so I plan to train there as much as possible :slight_smile: Hope you can all make it.

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Count me in. It is more important to me to spend more time with Status folk doing this than anything else. So I’ll follow the group on this one. Just wanted a place to coordinate and make it more available to those that weren’t aware we are trying to train.

Cool, let’s try to plan some days that people can make it…
Anyone know how to decipher their timetable ( :joy:

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So it looks like Weds / Fri / Sun classes are at the Erenkoy location. The other days are at another location which looks quite distant or hard to get to from the Sheraton. I’m happy to look at other gyms as well if Weds/Fri/Sun training doesn’t work for everyone.

And Bob’s your uncle if @naghdy actually turns up. In fact, I think we should run an SNT betting pool for this…

Just as long as I exclusively spar with @emizzle then im down

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nope, I call a round.

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have gi, will roll…

Class tonight at 8pm. Let’s meet in the lobby at 7:10pm for those that want to go.