Bug: Nimbus for newbies: March 2010

Hey all,

Was reading through the Nimbus for Newbies page a while ago, and saw the following:

As of March 2010, Nimbus will sync the proof of work Ethereum blockchain up to block 1.1 million and then crash. We’re slowly but surely ironing out our implementation of the EVM and working towards a stable full chain sync.

Should this be March 2019 instead? I tried looking thru Github for the right repo to report to but no joy so far.

CC @jakubgs

Typo, yes, thank you. I no longer have the ghost account so someone will have to do that correction (@ceri?)

Fixed! Thanks @alexcg1 & @Bruno (hey btw! you good?) :raised_hands:t2: :slight_smile:

Haha yep, keeping an eye on you all from afar :wink: