Build World-class Wallet With Birdeye Data

Proposal Information

Proposal Name: Build the World-class Wallet with Birdeye Data

Author(s): Status Core Contributors
Date of Submission: 13 November, 2023

External Discussions: N/A

What is the problem this project is trying to solve?

Here’s a snapshot of what we bring to the table:

Multichain Portfolio: View tokens across different chains in one wallet.
Realtime Candle charts: Access one of the most reliable on-chain trading data sources available in the crypto industry.
Transaction Simulation: Transparent and comprehensible transaction details facilitated by sophisticated parsing and labeling systems.
Multichain Transaction History: Analyze transactions history from various chains, with key actions labeled for quick reference.
Token Balance: real-time token balance, OHLCV data and candle charts of token price.

Who is this problem being solved for?
This suite of features is designed to enhance the customer experience for Status Wallet users, providing them with unique data insights and real-time information. Our Multichain Portfolio, Realtime Candle charts, Transaction Simulation, Multichain Transaction History, and Token Balance features cater to individuals seeking a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that leverages smart filtering for more meaningful insights and better decision-making during trading process.

Key Concepts/ What Sets Us Apart

  • Comprehensive data solutions with the most unique data in the market.
  • Real-Time Trading Data: Specialization in providing up-to-the-second trading insights.
  • Innovative Filtering Techniques: Precision in analysis through advanced filtering.
  • Holistic Tech Development: Comprehensive access to technology for innovative solutions.
  • Large User Base: Over 3.5 million users, providing a rich data source.

User Journey

  • Users access a multichain portfolio, providing a consolidated view of tokens across different blockchains within one wallet.
  • Realtime candle charts offer dynamic and reliable on-chain trading data, empowering users with accurate market insights.
  • Transaction simulation features provide transparent and comprehensible details, enhancing the understanding of complex transactions.
  • Multichain transaction history allows users to analyze past transactions from various chains, with key actions labeled for quick reference.
  • Users benefit from real-time token balance information, OHLCV data, and candle charts, enabling a deep understanding of token prices and market trends.

We can help you provide a user-friendly platform that not only caters to users’ needs but also provides unique data insights, setting you apart in the dynamic crypto landscape. Leverage our smart filtering technology for a deeper understanding and make well-informed decisions with the most unique data in the market.

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