Building from first principles and some litmus tests

This post is one of several seed posts. It was originally presented during Town Hall May 21 by OP. This post can serve as a reminder and hook into various more specific topics, such as how we can provide certain guarantees using tools like cryptoeconomics.

Building from first principles

How can we support and enable…

  • freedom of speech?
  • secure and private messaging?
  • secure and private transactions?

How can we build…

  • open and decentralized systems?
  • that are properly incentivized?
  • and resistant to bad actors?

How can we encourage…

  • users as stakeholders?
  • a thriving ecosystem of contributors?

Example system litmus tests

  • If all our servers disappeared tomorrow, how could Status still operate?
  • What about if all core contributors disappeared?

Example user litmus tests

  • Would Snowden use Status?
  • 50-80% of folks at Devcon4 use Status daily?
  • User with $1M in ETH trust Status?
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