Call for ideas: how would you like keycard and status to be used at conferences?

Hey everyone! We are having discussions on how keycard and Status could be used in conferences, and would like your ideas and inputs on this.

Let’s imagine a keycard :credit_card:is distributed to each participant of a conference, what experiences experiences could be built ? By the conference organizer, or any participant to the conference, any project with a booth…

Obviously the card could be used as a trigger to onboard status (with a QR code printed on the card or with NFC) so that every participant uses Status on the show floor (chat, browser, wallet), it could be used to prove one unique pseudo-identity by a single keycard tap on a device, could be used to pay for food or drinks etc.

And we want to let anyone build based on this.

So this is a call to your imagination and creativity! What would you like to see being built? :bulb::bulb::bulb:

If you don’t feel like sharing ideas here you can also drop them on keycard status channel


Some ideas based off our earlier conversation:

  • Room check-ins
  • Room channels
  • Other location check-ins like a faucet or hangout
  • Redeeming of event tokens, entry passes for parties
  • Distributing post event collectibles (e.g. discount codes), making the event more environmentally friendly
  • Earning chat badges (e.g. volunteer) (in case of chat key on a contract account?)
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just to add some context for ideas, I remind you that the current keycards have 2 applets (2 applications in the smartcard world). The Keycard applet, which implements a hierarchical deterministic wallet, and its master key is generated only after the onboarding process with Status, which triggers the Keycard initialization.
The second applet is the Cash applet, that contains a single key (not extended key) that is already usable without initialization. This key is generated internally at the applet installation, and never leaves the card.
In a branch we have on status-react, a dapp can call keycard_signTypedData to sign a message with this cash key, and here we can have some creative ideas. We are currently using it as a signer of a smart contract that allows to redeem tokens to a different address, but it can also be used to open a door if the key is the owner of a NFT, etc…


Make a game where individual portions of a puzzle are on keycards and the participants need to assemble the puzzle to unlock a larger group reward.

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