Call to Action: Refer Projects to Status Incubate 〰️

Calling all Status contributors!

As you know we’ve been running an incubator program focused on open source projects sharing our goal to foster a rich ecosystem for the decentralised web. Currently incubated teams are: Pixura / Superrare and Kickback as well as newly added Parsec Labs.

We’re looking for new projects to incubate on an ongoing basis and would love your help with:

  1. Spreading the word about Status Incubate

  2. Referring good projects to us

What kind of projects are we looking for?

  • Span across a wide range of areas: from scaling solutions and base layer protocols to end-user DApps.
  • Are open source or working towards open sourcing their codebase
  • Are working towards a sustainable revenue model
  • Share the same organizational values as Status
  • Nice to have: synergies between Status and the incubated projects - their solutions can facilitate building the Status ecosystem

What we provide?

  • Funding (in exchange for equity and tokens)
  • Technical Mentorship
  • Marketing & Community Exposure
  • Organizational Structure & Admin Support
  • Mentorship (via a volunteer mentors network)

How can you help?

Perhaps some of the projects you know or heard about would be a good fit for the Incubate program - please refer them to us!

We’ll start a bounty program for referring projects soon. Stay tuned.

Thank you for your help so far!