Camera filters & effects

Idea name: Camera filters & effects.
Description: Enable Status users to interact with their contacts with new ways to personalize and play with their photos and videos. Using makeup filters, 80s, animations and so many possibilities that we see with the “market” of instagram effects and filters is a promising resource that will attract new users looking for a messenger to replace their social networks.
Use case: As a user, I want to take photos with effects and filters so that my conversations become more personal and obtain a unique and modern experience within applications focused on privacy.
Target user: All users.
Why this is important: It’s really fun to use camera filters and effects on Instagram; it makes the photos more personal and funnier. It is a very welcome addition, and will attract the younger audience who are used to Facebook and Snapchat products.
Any other comments: Open a filter market in Status so that the community can build and offer their own creations. One way to encourage content creators would be to offer the possibility to charge SNT for the content. Exactly how stickers work today.

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

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