Cannot set network fee

tl;dr: help! cannot send Eth due to low network fee.

I have Eth in my Android wallet that I want to send to an exchange. The receiving account provides an informational warning beforehand that the sender should “Set gas limit to 70,000 or higher”.

However, when I try to execute the send from my Status wallet, the transaction fails. Looking through the transaction detail it’s clear why - the transaction gas limit is set to 21,000 and there’s no obvious way to adjust the limit.

The same failure is also reflected on the etherscan block explorer, where the error displayed is “out of gas”.

I have looked through your documentation, but this specific subject has only placeholder information instead of actionable information:

Can someone on the team advise on how to set a custom network fee? I need it to be at least 70,000 gwei instead of it’s current 21,000 limit.