Chat DApps extensions, community integration

Recently, there was great idea to bring chats to DApps.

This topic is created to discuss if we can go deeper and bring DApps into chats.
In other words, each DApp might be used as chat extension and be fully integrated into the chat.

Just from chat screen users will able to interact with their CryptoKitties (collectibles), exchange assets and any other action based on API which DApp can provide for chats in Status.

Since most of communications between users in decentralized world are based on trust, Status can incorporate feedback/rating system to handle results of users’ interactions via DApps. For example, successful local money exchange via specific DApp will lead to positive ratings increase, contract work successfully done by user via dedicated DApp will lead to rating increase of user in this DApp. Negative experience in similar way decreases the rating and trust for the user.

Outcome for community:

  • Usage of DApps directly from chat should be much more comfortable than visiting of website.
  • High positive public user rating in one DApp will lead for more trust by all others DApps communities supported by Status (synergy effect).
  • User Status profile becomes “digital passport” of web3

This topic seems is related to

Curious, what impact can make such integration, what kind of community or platform for communities people can build if Status will go this or similar way. Can we think about real life examples to integrate some DApp into the chat? Please share your ideas! :grinning: