Chat & Wallet Integration for 3rd Party Apps

I’m Max with FastX Protocol ( And we are now working with mobile game companies to bring games to the crypto world. So we see more and more mobile games are having some social features like chatting and bulletin boards etc right in the games.

When learned that Status has already built this decentralized chat network, I’m wondering if it is possible to open those capabilities, like private chat, group chat etc. to 3rd party apps/games. So game developers can easily integrate chatting to their games. Just like what Steam game platform offers to their games.

And I think this open API/SDK also helps Status to reach out new user bases. It would be a win-win for both game developers and Status community. Would love to hear from anyone with Status.


Hi Max, thanks for the interest.

Yes, we plan to enable dapps to configure the chat capabilities for the users of dapp being able to easily chat with other users or developers. Right now when you open a dapp in status there is a chat button that will open a chat based on the domain of dapp. This will be improved, and we are open for suggestions.

Thanks for getting back. Besides for dapps, is it possible for developers to integrate into their own mobile apps instead of using Status app?

Yes, if you want to use Status Chat in your Dapp without using Status Software, you just have to follow the protocol to communicate with other users using Status.

Status is creating a js library that can help you with that.
This is currently under development, and we will appreciate feedback.
We have some examples on how it works as a “electron chat app” and other as CLI chat, which also include custom chat features (as online ticker).
Status is interested in interoperability, as stated on our principles explicitly in Inclusivity, and is also implicitly in Openness, so If you need help integrating Status Chat inside your own Dapp, we will be happy in help you doing that.
If you are using Status for you Dapp you should try apply for Incubate program.

Notice also that Status will be updated in future to include incentives in offline inboxing, so if you plan to use Status Nodes for relaying offline inboxes your users might need SNT, however anyone could PR it to accept any token for offline inboxing and should work fine as long enough nodes accept that specific gamecoin as offline inboxing.
Any volunteer could also offline inbox messages for free for users that message signed for a specific dapp.

For best UX you should also look about Universal Login, which Status could allow users to store gamecoins in their Status Wallet and allow login in any third party apps without exposing user private key, and also paying the gas in gamecoins.

That’s awesome! I’m looking at your js library and universal login features. I assume that it’s also possible to run js library on mobile devices and connect to the nodes on our servers, right?

Yes, you could deploy your own Status Nodes and provide a your own bootnodes.
For better results you probably would keep interoperability with Status, meaning that users would be able to message with users on Status, and your nodes would be able to receive incentives from Status Network.
However what I suggest is that Status Network should be able to use your own token to payout features, therefore you could integrate into either your Dapp nodes and client nodes the capability of offline inboxing using your token.
I think status nodes would choose to accept as many tokens as they like, however some parts of Status Network are SNT-only by design like governance, stateofus.eth usernames, and most of Status Network dapps listed on whitepaper.