Chinese scamclone?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :thinking:

A clone scamming people in China with fake SNT and a cloned logo / app / etc.

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Jacek Sieka:A Letter to SntMate Super Community Users
2019-05-28 10:13
Distinguished SitMate users:

Since the establishment of Status, many new functions have been added, and it has gradually become an open source instant messaging platform. She is a mobile client based on point-to-point technology running on the Ethernet network. Mobile applications are not only a communication platform, but also a DAPP browser, an ETH and ERC20 passport wallet, and a Twitter-like social network. In addition, it includes a series of application tools and incubators to stimulate the ecological construction of mobile terminal, aiming at creating a mobile terminal traffic entrance.

Status has gone through two years, and its technology development activity has remained at the top five level in the world. It is based on the React Native framework of the Ethernet mobile APP front-end source code, mainly for the updating and optimization of mobile client, web update optimization, has achieved communication functions, built-in functions have also been achieved. At present, the total number of submissions is 3932, an increase of 1600 over last year, with an average of more than 50 updates per week.

Status has been focusing on technology research and development, with less energy invested in community building and promotion. We must realize the importance of community building. In May 2019, I decided to move out of the technical team and set up SntMate Super Community, focusing on contributing to the construction and promotion of Status Community. This initiative was supported and endorsed by Status CEO Jarrad hope, and 1 billion SNTs from the Status Fund were distributed to users participating in SntMate Super Community Promotion. SntMate Super Community will work as an unofficial community operating agency of Status, responsible for community building and promotion of Status worldwide, road show of open source consensus, Web3.0 technology exhibition. The task of SntMate Super Community is to build 500 high-quality Status communities by the end of 2020.

Jacek Sieka

May 2019


Ugh :frowning: Thanks for sharing! We’ve been hearing about this for a while in different formats. I believe Steven has been putting the word out in #status-chinese to let people know it’s a scam.

Even creepier than the app and comms imo is that there is a video with fake Jacek & Jarrad in it :flushed:

Yeah. Seems like this actually spread out pretty far - I’ve been contacted by people claiming to have lost a lot of money. Not sure how to effectively stop it other than with public announcements

wow ok this seems to have grown since last time. Ill work on an official statement and we can distribute through our channels in conjunction with Steven.