Combined roadmap/timeline of efforts

Would people find it useful to have an overarching roadmap or timeline of all the Status efforts underway (e.g like a quick glance look at what’s been launched, what’s being worked on, what are the milestones we’re working towards and how it all ties in)?

Example of what this might look like below (put together quickly, so excuse any errors).

  • Does anything like this exist?
  • Would this be useful?
  • Anyone want to collaborate on it?


  • Wouldn’t want to create promises/expectations of certain features or launch dates - so this is less about timelines but more about the sequence of things we’re working on.

This is something we used to have at Plex and feel would be a great addition to the THs (maybe a monthly update?) so everyone feels they have a common view on the progress being made.


@rachel and @hester as this is something that the Janitors have been thinking about for Core. Not sure if this is also something we can extend further to the Nimbus and Embark teams as well.

Thanks for starting the thread @j12b!


Would absolutely be helpful, I agree. What software are you using here @j12b?

@hester and I have been playing with Product Plan, with the same goal of having a visual representation of the sequencing of work. Needless to say, I’m happy to collaborate.

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Cool - out this together using the free version of - see here for edit access.. Thanks!