Come to Blocksplit

As some of you know I organize two events here in Croatia - there’s in Winter and in Spring.

As a sponsoring organization, Status has 5 tickets for the conference and two for the beach/bbq party (flexible, can get more) networking event, so I was wondering if there’s anyone interested in coming to either or both.

There’s already a bit of a Status presence - currently @sonyx and I will be giving a talk each. In addition to that, as we’ll be making Status the official comm app of the conference, we’ll probably get a few hundred signups - especially because I’m planning another city-wide tokenhunt. This dapp makes people use Status for NFT collecting and contract interaction, which clearly demonstrates its power and potential, while at the same time teaching participants about their surroundings.

We have teamed up with LeapDao and will be using a modified burner wallet in the same way as EthDenver did, only we’ll be doing it on plasma. This is going to be the first large scale test drive of plasma on Ethereum. We’ve had some tests privately and it works like a charm - even in Status without having to switch networks or going through some UX problems, which means we’ve upgraded the Tokehunt as well - people now no longer need a starting amount of Eth to collect the tokens because the collecting can happen on plasma, instantly and without fees.

I should probably note that Split is very beautiful and that swimming season starts around then, so it’s a perfect time to extend the trip into a vacation as well. I will be there for all of May.

Pics here. It really does look like this, not photoshop.