Communication evolution to Discuss

Continuing on from the Meta post.

A combination of Discuss post + notifications that a new post exists (by email/ping/slack/status) seems to make the most sense, so I spent some time trying to figure out how to make Discuss better suited to us, feeding that need to be sure you're not missing vital info while not being overwhelmed by too many useless notifications.

In an ideal world, we all want to our day here, check what’s up that is relevant to everybody, then check what’s up that is relevant to what we’re working on, and then be able to check anything else we’re interested in. And parallely, we check our Status channels and DM’s as we did with Slack - and have forgotten that Slack even existed.

So here’s a list of things we’d like to start with:

#1 - If people should see it, post it here.

Enough has been said about missed threads with important updates, recurrent discussions being repeated ad infinitum, etc… Everyone should be able to see what is happening, read and comment at their own pace. Just do it.

#2 - Categories vs Tags

We also want to keep things easy to scan and easy to search for. Until now we have mostly added categories, and hardly used tags. Subcategories are also an option, but what
discourse people seem to have agreed on is that Categories are like walls. Build 4 and you have a nice house; build 24 and you have a maze.

@naghdy (thank you so much!) and I came up with a possible re-categorization - feedback is welcome - if we get none, we’ll move ahead by end of the week. When we do this we’ll also add real descriptions in the first post.

Category (example) Tags or subcats
Status - All Principles, SITG exps, All hand events (Prague 2018), Communication topics, calls for volunteers, Town Halls, People-ops, Expenses,
Product Chat, Engineering, Wallet, Desktop, Mobile, Hardwallet, UX, Design, PM, Brand, Content, Dapps, Security
Outreach Marketing, Social, Events, Activism
Education Workshops, Tech talk, Announcements, Newbies, L&D
Ecosystem Incubate, Studio, Embark,
Research Nim, ULC, LES, Swarm

Tags or subcategories is still up for discussion, too.

A thing I like about tags is that you can append one to any catgory - so say desktop does a learning initiative, it’s easy to find and track under learning. With categories, not sure how to get that.
On the other hand, categories in theory can be set to default watched for all users, so important news would be less likely to be missed (i.e the threads about Prague).

#3 - Email notifications - settings

Provided #1 & #2 work, Discuss has a lot of options that you can set to get notifications in your inbox.

We’re all different people with different habits - and what’s a reasonable amount of emails to one can be spam to someone else, or just not enough to yet another person.

The idea is that you’re aware of

  • Things that concern everyone at Status
  • Things that are important for your work
  • Anything else that you want to know, want to contribute, etc

The tips here are settings for you to consider - still, try to find what works best for you. And if you have a magic trick that works really well, share it with everyone, please!{your_username}/preferences/categories

If you want to be sure not to miss any post in a given category (if we do the changes above, it would be the Status-all category), you can set it to watch here:

And you can do that with tags as well:

:boom: Questions - comments - concerns?

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Great initiative @anon16796968! I might have more comments later, but right now:

How do you imagine categories actually being used? What’s some user stories of where they would change someone’s behavior? It seems like there’s a lot of overlap between the categories. Example: Outreach as a form of Inclusivity touches on Ecosystem, possibly cryptoeconomics (is this Research? Status All? Product?) as well as Product (voting dapp?).

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I was imagining categories similar to hierarchy in a website, so that you can see all the topics from a certain category.

I see your perspective though, so Tags may be better than Categories if we have cross cutting topics. We can also do both Tags and categories? Tags can be more ‘horizontal’ models like Crypto-economics, then categories are just for teams/swarms.

I just personally like the simplicity of folders from a mental model perspective (similar to the pc folder/directory hierarchy to structure data)

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Gonna think about actual user stories as coffee hits in :smile:. I’ve been going back and forth on what would be the best structure for us and imo Category + Tags would be the most flexible.

Something like they do:

Category: Broad theme, Common thread, something that overarches multiple teams, initiatives and ideas.
Tag: team busy with it, idea name, any other attribute.
The advantage of tags is that they’re independent from categories, and each post can have several tags appended (while category and subcategory are max 2).

Does that make sense?

btw: I am not attached to the examples we created above - if there’s a better structure for it, division of themes, etc - by all means let’s change them :D. The one I really would like to have is something on the lines of Status-all where we can put all these initiatives that everyone should be aware/involved with.