Communities are like Micro-Economies

Idea name: Communities
Description: Communities would be the Decentralized version of a Discord Server. Content Creators and Organizations can organize their own Communities, Using SNT as a Universal Currency, Upvote/Like, and also Stake. Community Organizers would be allowed to set their own NFT Collections as emojis, stickers, gifs, trading cards, and trade other game assets directly.
Use case: As a user, I want to interact with a content creator so that it creates value for everyone.
Target user: Content Creators, Organizations, Towns, Friend Groups, Etc.
Why this is important: It’s important to allow everyone to own their own data. Status is the place everyone can be whoever they chose to be. Having an interface that is easy to use, fun and engaging will drive more adoption by non-technical users, while setting the standard for self-sovereignty.
Any other comments:
This is just a rough Idea I have for the communities. I would love some thought on how this could potentially work, Tokenomics wise and also how could that be implemented from a programming perspective. The trading of tokens could generate fees to SNT Holders, while also ensuring royalties are paid to creators (Or donated, this is becoming a trend). I speculate creating a community will need some form of Stake, but that could come along with figuring out the technicals.

thanks for the idea, this is currently under development in a similar form , feedback welcome!

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