Connect keycard to existing Status account

I have a new keycard. I have a Status account. I have been unable to connect them.
I tried select ‘Manage keys and storage’ and then ‘Move Keystore file’, enter your seed and then selects Keycard.
It cannot find my keycard (which I put directly under my phone)
Same result with a 2nd new keycard.

I like the concept of Status. Unfortunately so far after 30+ hours investigating I have not been able to figure out how to use it.

from what you describe it seems the problem is about the contactless (NFC) connection between your phone and keycard. Some phones (in particular iphones) need to keep the card close to the NFC part of the phone (for iphones, it’s on top of the phone) and to keep the card very still when tapping when you wait for the operation to be over.
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