Connect to Kaleido?


I’m building a DApp that run on Kaleido (private blockchain).
Status would be perfect to browse it but when trying to connect with the an inline auth connection URL and the network id I get from Status returns an
Invalid status code: 401

Did anybody tried that or is the app simply not meant to connect to a private blockchain?

Kind regards

Dapp browser connects fine to private blockchains. What to do you mean by inline auth connection url? Where are you using that / how / why? What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Hello Bruno,

My goal is to define a custom network to connect to. I’m running the app on Android (v 0.13.0).
By inline auth I mean passing the user & pass in the URL like https://xxx:[email protected]/
I end up with something like this:
{:NetworkIn 1467232913,
:DataDir “/ethereum/custom_rpc”,
:UpstreamConfig {
:Enabled true,
:URL “https://xxx:[email protected]/

Kind regards