Contributor Kudos at the Town Hall

For good or for bad, we no longer have a kudos bot :broken_heart:

Was thinking we could experiment with using the People Ops slide at the Town Hall to do a contributor-of-the-week style shout out to keep the kudos love going without our trusty bot. (If Iā€™m not wrong this was something that used to happen way back when in earlier Town Halls too, so not totally unfamiliar?)

If you like the sound of this experiment, feel free to email/DM me your nomination ahead of the next Town Hall, letting me know your:

  • Nominated contributor (can be anyone in the community)
  • What thing they did that rocked our world.

This is possibly a bit last minute for the next Town Hall, but if I get nominations in ahead of lunchtime Monday UTC, we can do the first one in the coming TH.

If you have any thoughts on how to improve this, also keen to hear from you too!


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Why not make actual kudos tokens to give out? :scream: Gitcoin style, but Status-contributor-specific?

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Or make a kudos bot extension :slight_smile:

Sounds cool, how difficult would something like this be to set up?

Not at all. The bigger problem would be designing the assets.