Core contributor events schedule

We talked at the Istanbul Offsite about the need to get more non-work collaboration time in the diary to build relationships and have a chance to try new things.

We’re proposing the below events schedule covering the following ~year. This is tentative at this point in time, just floating to see what you all think and if there’s anything you’d like to see on there (re: the Offsite, as you can probably imagine - its going ahead isn’t guaranteed and would be dependent on how our financial situation develops in the future given it’s past our current planning, but our aim will very much be to hold one if we can).

All events would be remote (aside from the Offsite):

  • Early Dec 2019 - Documentation Week
  • Mid Dec 2019 - End of year holidays
  • Feb 2020 - Build week
  • May 2020 - Community week (collaboration with other projects, and/or for good causes)
  • July 2020 - [in-person] Offsite

It would be nice to tack on the Offsite to Devcon VI except there are a bunch of as-yet-unknown variables that might mean it’s not optimal (distance from core contributors, location cost, length of time since last Offsite, etc.) We could also consider running it alongside EthBerlin (~August 2020).

We can flesh out plans for all these events closer to the date, but we’d love to hear your thoughts on them in the meantime! Closer to any Offsite, we’ll check in again with a poll to find the most optimum week around everyone’s availability.



I like the idea of offsite tacked onto EthBerlin. I’d like to go back to that next year anyway and it seems more reasonable from a scheduling endeavor.

I also like the community week idea… where we go out and help others for a week where we can. We have to be careful not to overdo it and start a project that keeps attention away from Status for a prolonged timeperiod, unless it leads to the overall vision and collaboration of status ideals.

Looking forward to seeing more of all of you next year!

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Love documentation week and have these events planned a bit further in the future.

May 2020 - Community week (collaboration with other projects, and/or for good causes)

Personally, I’d prefer to set a community budget over a community week. There are so many community activities that it feels more productive to join those. Thinking of hackatons, but also timed support driven by need. E.g. supporting other orgs to implement Keycard, supporting a mixer integrate into wallets, support MetaMask plugin interactions. These are all great learning opportunities for us.

July 2020 - [in-person] Offsite

It seems more practical to pair the Offsite with EthBerlin. Devcon seems so intense and extensive already; IMO adding the offsite would reduce the experience for both events. Blockchain week Berlin has the same effect, but to a lesser extend.

Most important factor I think is what the objective of the offsite is.:thinking:
cc @iurimatias @PascalPrecht @dustin as we were talking about this the other day.

fyi: Last week some folks asked me if there would be another Status hackaton as they had enjoyed it so much:relaxed:

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re: our hackathon. It was also quite expensive the way we did it.

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Attaching it to an event would be a great idea. E.g. either ETHCC, Devcon or ETHBerlin. Another suggestion is to schedule it before the wider community event, as otherwise people are likely to be exhausted. As well as having a day or so in between offsite and event, to allow people to decompress/prepare.


Interesting idea @hester - what amount/how do you see this working? Wonder if it’s something that teams could just propose as part of their routine budget setting or if it would be a separate exercise.

Re Offsite objective, would love to hear everyone’s input. Tagging @cologic (I think Hester meant to add you in her post!)

Would adding in a Hackathon to the Offsite work?

In my mind it’s something like a leave day category in Bamboo. Anything to make it socially acceptable for people to say they’re are unavailable for a week because they are working with project xyz. Practically speaking it’s probably good to have a maximum of this category of leave day and some guidance as to what counts as community collaboration/good cause.

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