[Core contributors] Q2 2019 SNT payouts - coming soon!

Hi everyone!

A quick heads up that we’ll soon be making Q2 2019 SNT payments (in early to mid April). You’ll get a letter by email at the start of the month with a breakdown of the amount you’re receiving, and we’ll let you know the wallet address we have on file for you.

If the address you’d like to receive your SNT in has changed since the last time these bonuses were sent out, please notify us ([email protected]) - otherwise we’ll send it to the previously used address.

You’ll have some lead time between receiving the letter and us making the payments in which you can verify your wallet address and feel comfortable that the payment is going to the right place before it’s actually made.

Questions? Ping anyone from People Ops or Finance - cheers!

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Hi! A quick ping to mention that we’re awaiting an additional transfer of SNT which is holding up some of the Q2 payments. We hope to complete the payments to you all in the next few working days. Apologies for the delay!