CryptoLife code of conduct, feedback on website

Hey all!

I hope it’s OK that I keep commenting here. I looked at the Github repo for CryptoLife but that looked more like for submissions than anything else.

I just posted about a Code of Conduct for EthMagicians / Council of Prague – does the Hackathon have a Code of Conduct yet? Are you planning on one? Feel free to join the discussion in EthMagicians as well.

Also, website feedback for the hackathon site – right now, if I want to link to the About page, or the Agenda or Apply, I can’t link directly to those pages / sections – I have to tell people to go the home page and “click on Apply”. Might be good to be able to link directly to sections.

I like the open source status app and the community because there’s not much SJW in it, unlike all of these SF companies. As an interested observer, it seems to me that no one will ever say “no” to the code of conduct - who wants to be a bad person? Therefore, of course, any such proposal is likely to be agreed. On the other hand, IMO is part of the SJW / PC culture, and it is a great tool for attacking SJW that many open source projects have seen.

Use common sense.

Qu’on me donne six lignes écrites de la main du plus honnête homme, j’y trouverai de quoi le faire pendre.

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I completely agree with CoC’s that avoid SJW language and intent, we’ve had a few instances where certain ideas have been raised within Status, a project that is essentially a gateway, a window onto Web 3.0 has a duty to ensure that window is clean as possible from bias, and provide to tools to solve social problems further up the stack.

There is a draft document I wrote up here on apoliticism, it’s abit old and needs to be updated/reworded and carried over.

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Great! I also see and have experienced in the past a definite Europe vs North America view on these types of topics, which is something that has to be acknowledged.

I tend to think it may not be a bad idea to have a similar CoC to ETHBerlin - it was very open and fairly well-researched. We could just remove the Unacceptable Behaviour part in line with the above if that’d be OK? Useful to state somewhere that hacks should only begin at the event, for instance, as that can be a point of contention.

I’ve seen CoCs at events tend to work well when there is a designated person that attendees know they can raise CoC concerns to if they see them.

If we do adopt a CoC for the event, I’m happy to volunteer as someone people can get in touch with if they do want to raise anything (if we don’t think that’s taking the CoC too far into territory we’re not comfortable with). :slight_smile:


Any objections?

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This LGTM.

I also like the analogy in the wording and usage of “Bugs & Vulnerabilities”.

Well done.

Actually, re-reading it makes me feel that this wasn’t supposed to be an analogy at all. :joy:

So nevermind then.