DApp Integration Portal

Hey All,

In preparation for V1 and with @cryptowanderer work on Dap.ps is looking nice, we have been working on a “DApp Integration Portal” with B9Labs. The goal of this portal is two-fold:

  1. Make it as simple as possible for DApp Developers to create a DApp optimized for Status and then submit it to dap.ps.
  2. Kick start the process of revamping the docs

At a very high level, this portal includes all the info and tutorials one would need to ensure:

  • Tutorial 1 - Developer Tools provides context and ways to set up your development platform including mobile device emulators, simple networking and debugging tools. If you are new to mobile development, welcome, and start here. Developers who routinely focus on mobile DApps can probably skip this section.
  • Tutorial 2 - Must Do Items for Existing Dapps is the place to start if you already have a DApp and want to confirm everything will work perfectly on Status. EIP-1102 is explained in detail. In case you have been wanting to implement EIP-1102 and weren’t sure how to proceed, we have you covered.
  • Tutorial 3 - Status Extras introduces extensions that could help you improve your DApp.
  • Tutorial 4 - Register DApps explains how to get your DApp listed in the DApp Store including how to get on the Top Ranked DApps list.

Together with B9Labs, we have created a series of tutorials and demos that take developers through this journey.

This portal will link from the homepage of Status.im, in the secondary navigation, as well as from a dedicated landing page for the DApp Integration Portal (not created yet).

It would very helpful to get a technical eye on the documentation, tutorials, demos for accuracy and completeness. The staging site can be found here

Please note:

  • We have replaced the current “developer tools” section of the docs with “DApp Integration Portal” but all of the content is accounted for (and much more) OTHER than debug, extensions,
    Fiddle, React Storybook. Therefore, we need to find a new home for these items within the docs.
  • I am already working on a nav structure for the DApp Integration Portal as I feel the navigation tags are not as easy to follow for someone looking specifically for the API for example.
  • This is the first step in what should be a significant restructuring of the docs. In going through this lengthy exercise, I suggest we structure the docs based on user journey/user type (i.e. Contributor looking to build Status, DApp Developer looking to create DApps for Status, other)
  • Im starting to think how we can more closely tie Embark into this portal and set up a clear channel/linking strategy.

Next Steps:

  • Feedback loop on current work
  • Create inbound & outbound campaign strategies targeting dapp developers to create dapps and submit to dap.ps ahead of v1 launch
  • Identify “launch partners” and ensure they are optimized for Status for v1

Big thanks to @cryptowanderer for his input along the way.