Decentralized Arts Lab

Last week @kim and I had a call with Ruth Catlow, artist and curator, co-founder of Furtherfield and Decentralized Arts Lab (DECAL) in London. DECAL is currently looking for founding members.

Here’s the presentation deck for founding members that Ruth sent to us.

Some info on Furtherfield / DECAL:

  • Furtherfield is established in 1996 online non-profit hub for arts, technology & social change. In 2018 there was 98k total visitors to Furtherfield’s curated and organized exhibitions and events. Since 1996 they worked directly with 1460 artists.

  • DECAL is a three year project to mobilise crowdsourced research and development using blockchain and web 3.0 technologies. For fairer, more dynamic and connected cultural ecologies and economies .

  • Furtherfield’s “Art Data Money” program seeks to develop new economies and a commons for arts in the network age, and to cultivate diversity in the blockchain development space. Exhibitions include The Human Face of Cryptocurrencies (2015) , NEW WORLD ORDER (2017) touring internationally via the State Machines European collaboration.

  • Catlow made the short film Blockchain—Change Everything For Ever (2016) with Pete Gomes.

  • She co-edited Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain with Torque Editions & Liverpool University Press (2017), commissioned the blockchain-based artwork Clickmine by Sarah Friend and devised the ongoing “DAOWO” workshop series with Ben Vickers (Serpentine Galleries) and in collaboration with Goethe-Institut London (2017– 2018).

  • Catlow was named in a list of 100 women co-creating the P2P society by the Foundation for P2P Alternatives.

Ruth suggested that Status could be used as the communication channel for all artists and collaborators participating in DECAL.

This could be good connection to have for the grassroots initiative (cc @naghdy). From the Incubate side I’ll introduce the them to Pixura / Superrare. If anyone else want to know more or get an intro to Ruth / DECAL - let me know. Please also let me know if you know of any other organization / project who could potentially support DECAL or should know about this initiative.


I’m really sorry I missed this call @kohola - I was travelling back home that day. I think this is a really awesome initiative and would love to see it go further. Were any next steps mentioned when you chatted with her, or is there another call organised? Beyond using Status as their communication tool, what is the ask of us? It might well be worth getting them hooked up with Jessica Angel and the which is supposed to happen around May of next year.

No problem @cryptowanderer. There’s two simple ways in which this can move forward - unless it’s too early (?). Ruth would like to learn how to set up a Status channel for the DECAL artist community (@Hutch or @ShawnS - could you help with that?) and she’s also looking for a voting app solution which incorporates quadratic voting (@Graeme this might be a good opportunity to test the voting dapp outside of Status community). Let me know if that makes sense at this point - if so, I’ll make the intros.


The channel is already set up: Status - Download and it would be awesome to see them use our voting DApp! Am sure @Graeme can coordinate that. Also, we have designs for how to create your own poll in the works:

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They are presenting at ETHLND today.