Decentralized sticker creator

Idea name: Decentralized sticker creator
Description: An option similar to that found in Signal is very welcome. The Status user will be able to create a sticker package privately and without the need to involve the Status team in the middle of the process.
Target user: All users.
Why this is important: Currently, anyone who wants to create a sticker pack will have to submit it to a Status form. My idea is to decentralize this process and give users individual freedom to create their packages without the need for third parties to “approve”.

List some reasons why this would be better:

  1. Be able to create sticker packs with stickers from other messengers, such as Telegram.

  2. This guarantees privacy for the creators of the sticker, as only you and the people you eventually send the sticker to will be able to see them.

EXTRA: Increasing the quality of an animated sticker is also necessary: Accept GIF in size 512x512.

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

I’m glad to inform you guys that we have something exactly like that underway.


Would it be possible to consider support for TGS files? Importing Telegram stickers would be much more practical and faster. Currently it is necessary to convert Telegram’s .tgs files to .gif or other (in the case of animated stickers) and this does not always work, because sometimes the conversion fails.

This is not yet implemented, is it? That github link is just a design discussion. So not solved quite yet, right?

No, it’s being worked on


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