Dedicated wallet per dapp

Idea name: Dedicated wallet per dapp
Description: Currently, I can only select one account for the browser at a time. E.g. When I visit Uniswap I connect my account, if I then switch to a different account for Cryptokitties, I have to manually switch to the account I used for Uniswap.
Use case: As a user, I want to select an account for a dapp that will be used whenever I open the dapp so that I don’t have to switch manually
Why this is important: I want to limit the accounts I share with any given dapp, but at the same time want to have the flexibility to use a different account for a a given dapp so any transactions I make remain separate

An automatic mode could derive automatically a unique key for the DApp, as suggested by @jarradhope

I think what your describing is a useful but different feature. There are cases where you may want one address used among several dapps and another among a different set.

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