🖥 Desktop keyboard shortcuts

Power users, it’s the time!
Feel free to add shortcuts you want to use on desktop - Here is the list



A lot of these shortcuts are OS-level shortcuts and shouldn’t be overwritten in the app (like cut, copy, paste, undo, select all, quit app, hide app, etc)

Mac shortcut Windows shortcut Meaning Notes
⌘⇧VCTRL+SHIFT+VPaste and match appearanceI'm not sure if this going to be possible. Are there any other chat clients that do this?
⌘RRefreshWhat is meant to refresh here? This one might not be applicable.


For chats, because we are using markdown, I assume shortcuts would add the markdown to the selected text (instead of formatting in place in the text box)?


The browser is in its super infancy, so a lot of this functionality doesn’t exist yet.

Something to take in account is the idea of having shortcuts execute actions depending on the current active section. i.e: Pressing Ctrl + W in the chat section would close the active chat, while doing the same in the browser section would close the active tab.

having said this, I have added the following shortcuts to the browser. We should determine which of these should stay or go.

  • Ctrl + D - show downloads
  • Ctrl + L - focus on address bar
  • F5 / Ctrl + R - refresh browser tab
  • Ctrl + T - open new tab
  • Ctrl + W - close tab
  • Ctrl + 0 - reset zoom
  • Ctrl + Minus - zoom out
  • Ctrl + Plus - zoom in
  • Ctrl + C - copy
  • Ctrl + X - cut
  • Ctrl + V - paste
  • Shift + Ctrl + V - paste and match style
  • Ctrl + A - select all
  • Ctrl + Z - undo
  • Ctrl + Y - redo
  • Ctrl + F - show “find” bar
  • F12 - enable / disable Chrome Devtools

I also added these, but for some reason i can’t make them work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

  • Backspace - go back in browser history
  • Shift + Backspace - go forward in browser history
  • F3 - find next
  • Shift + F3 - find previous

A shortcut I’d like to add is:

  • Ctrl + Shit + T- reopen last closed tab

I’d also like to have shortcuts for the following actions:

  • Move to next chat
  • Move to previous chat
  • Search in active chat (I don’t know how difficult could it be to implement this though)
  • Close active chat
  • Support Page-up, Page-down for navigating in the chat
  • Lock / Logout status
  • Focus on chat input

For the wallet however, I’m not sure if we should add shortcuts, except for maybe pressing - F5 / Ctrl + R to refresh balances / history?

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