Devcon4 - ENS Wheel of Fortune

We will have a sponsor table at Devcon4 this year as the top sponsor of the event. We will have also launched ENS user names and want to drive as much awareness and registratin as possible. We will encourage all users to register their ENS at the hackathon and we want a fun and engaging way to encourage this behavior at Devcon4 (there will be 3,000 people in attendance).


  • We want to create a fun way to distribute SNT to Devcon4 attendees and have them register an ENS on the spot.
  • Create a “Wheel of Fortune” with various values of SNT on each card. Some have low amounts of SNT (just enough to register an ENS name - 10 SNT?) and some with significantly larger amounts (1 x prize of $1k worth of SNT?)
  • People who come up to our sponsor booth and prove they have registered an ENS name get to spin the wheel and win some SNT
  • Up to 500 Cards at onset. Each time a card is landed on, it is removed from the wheel (as to avoid multiple people winning the jackpot).
  • Via Status we send them the SNT corresponding to the card they landed on.

An application that allows people to click a button and “spin” a digital wheel of fortune. It will land on a card at random. Each time a card is landed on, the card should be removed as to not land on the same number twice.

Define an amount of SNT to distribute at Devcon4.

Someone at our booth responsible for distributing the SNT via Status. SNT and ETH in the wallet.

A computer or tablet at the booth for the wheel.

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