DevCon4 Keynote - Request for Topics

Currently slated for the 2nd of November, we have a 20 minute keynote to talk about “All Things Status”.

What I need from you are ideas or thoughts on:

  1. Top accomplishments a team/swarm has made in the past year.
  2. Success stories about what makes Status awesome.

There was a thread in Slack about this, but it kind of went all over the place. Please jot down some thoughts, share them here (with links if relevant). Some examples include:

  • Localizing Status for China, surge of China traffic
  • Wall of Shame, resulting in removal of MixPanel and implementation of PFS
  • Economic modeling behind ULC and LES
  • The migration from Slack to Status

Please share your ideas in the next 48 hours or so, and we will then start to compile it together into a coherent story. Thank you!

From the top of my head, these might be some topics

  • mobile app releasing cadence (1 week-ish) and treating special events like ETHBerlin or ETHIndia with special builds and hotfixes might be a thing too
  • whisper v6 adoption and trafic reduction, whisper rate limiting experiment
  • fixing issues in the 3rd party libraries we use (2 approved fixes for realm, 1 pending for RN)
  • new discovery protocol implementation
  • principles discussion in Bazel


  • oh, yeah, and hardware wallet

there are several things that float my boat about status, including but not limited to:

  • the holistic approach of building a community and an ecosystem that’s developed as a common good for others to benefit from, in their own way, at their own terms - this ties in strongly with the principles we’ve established
  • the development of tools that provide fertile ground for others to plant seeds in - studio, embark, dapp extensions, vyper, solid documentation - as opposed to simply building an just app and having it wither for lack of supporting structures - the high ambition level is inspiring and a little daunting at the same time
  • a commitment to working with the community and investment in advancing the state of the art, through projects like whisperv6, ULC and nimbus - this resonates with the desire build something of sufficient quality to make an impact
  • a dedicated UX research team that provides data and real studies on usability, again advancing the state of the art in a deliberate way

for inspiration, I would also look at @oskarth’s ethis presentation “Ethereum, everyone and everywhere” which is fairly recent and covers a lot of exciting ground.

With 20 minutes and a potentially large audience, it’s an interesting balance to dig into specifics vs painting broad strokes. Is the format more amenable to painting an inspiring future or sharing and documenting concrete results?

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Pres referenced above:

Other things off the top of my head, more of a brain dump.

  1. ENS resolution native etc in app
  2. Nimbus and being part of Ethereum 2.0 implementation
  3. UXR, lots of nice examples of making things more intuitive and secure
  4. Security and collab with other people in field with ETHIS etc, audits lessons learned
  5. Whisper bloom filter and x1000 traffic reduction with diff relay structure
  6. Challenges towards decentralization and current efforts (nodes full, cluster moving away from, bootnode/mailserver options, HA requirements, exploratory work with Swarm/IPFS)
  7. Educational/Ecosystem efforts and Studio/Embark/Incubate initiatives
  8. Reliability issues in chat and mitigations, both UX level but also resends, contact requests and how it ties into PFS (as well as PFS more generally)
  9. Principles consensus and go through and how apply, as well as pairings and trade offs
  10. Wall of shame identify bugs and repent, progress on
  11. Desktop and QT story, as well as dogfooding
  12. ULC and LES light client challenges and Infura/JSON-RPC
  13. Dapp small things and increasing integration and doing QA of, default nice experience vs 80% broken
  14. Upstream stuff and our challenges with that like RN/realm/geth etc and possibilities for getting together and help each other maintain these common resources
  15. Local communities and what is going on, diff discussions happening in diff parts of world, Status as global and agnostic
  16. Initial steps and experiments towards the DAO and plans of, challenges re current tech org and why not sustainable
  17. Extensions general overview and experiments around and vision (relates to your previous web3 talk)
  18. Hardware wallet update and security considerations thereof, where software gets loaded etc