DevCon4 Tickets

We have 14 total tickets given to us for sponsorship, and we need names associated with them. Any thoughts on the fairest/meritocratic way of distributing? Some ideas:

  1. People can propose a one sentence summary in a Slack/Discuss thread of why they would be impactful, then peers can :+1:. The top 14 :+1: people get the tickets?
  2. We do a random draw
  3. Voting DApp with everyone’s name on it?
  4. Other (please provide suggestion)

Based on the voting above, if you are interested in attending DevCon4 then please put a one sentence summary (as a reply to this post, or in Discuss []) of why you are keen to join.

If there are over 14 submissions, then we will use the Voting DApp. cc @Graeme to help logistics.

I’d like to attend to 1) spread the word about incubate and 2) meet some interesting hackers that could be a good fit for the program.

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As a new tech writer on the Nimbus team, would love to attend for the sheer networking and impression-gathering potential and to learn from people much smarter than me, plus I believe this is the ideal place and time to meet other Status members given that I only joined yesterday and I’d never been to a Devcon.

I would like to attend Devcon because exposure to the bleeding edge of Ethereum will inform and inspire the product roadmap for the voting dapp as well as status product in general.

Working on Nimbus, I’d like to attend to learn and discuss firsthand the current state and direction of Ethereum 2.0 – sharding, CASPER 2.1, RANDAO, and other aspects – in the interests of ensuring the Nimbus development priorities can best align with that direction.

As a member of P2P and Infra Teams, I would love to attend DevCon to learn more about what is being actively researched and what is coming to Ethereum 2.0 in terms of building scalable and efficient p2p networks (especially on embedded devices), integration with libp2p as well as development and application of new consensus algorithms and cryptoeconomics.

I’d like to attend in order to stay broadly informed about what is new in the Ethereum space, as well as to talk to people about approaches, tools, problems and collaborations, and then use this knowledge/connections to further Status (org and core app) in the right direction - towards mass adoption and in line without principles.

As a member of the UXR team I’d love to attend so I can gain a better understanding of the overall Ethereum ecosystem and pick the brains of seasoned experts on topical issues. In particular, I’m looking to participate in the breakout UXR sessions that other designers are holding for Dapps audits/GasAbstraction/Identity and bring these findings back to Status.

I’d love to attend, but unfortunately I’ve booked my flights before this opportunity popped up :persevere:

The 14 ppl who can take advantage of this: you’ll have a great time, enjoy! :slight_smile:

I would love to attend to rep status and network with my peers.

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I would love to attend! There are many topics I’m interested in based on what I’ve been working on so far, like p2p/whisper, HD wallets, dapps privacy using unique deterministic keys, hardware wallets, and in general everything around ethereum :cupid:

I’d like to attend to stay on top of what’s the latest in Ethereum, promote Status Incubate and talk to interesting projects and teams that could fit for the program.

FYI - there will be a 2 hour ETH2.0 session at the end of the Hackathon / beginning of EthMagicians on the 28th. I’m hoping to find out the same info from the ETH2.0 teams directly!

I want to attend Devcon to learn on what’s new and coming in Ethereum space, especially in terms of testing.

As a member of research team, i’d like to attend Devcon to learn and discuss what I’ve been working on so far, like Whisper, LES/ULC, Swarm.

I would like to attend for the PeopleOps team. learn if there is anything going on from other companies, PeopleOps related and for networking.

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I would like to attend Devcon in order to learn more about automated testing in the ecosystem

All people who have DevCon4 tickets please join #status-devcon4 in Status so that we can co-ordinate booth presence, ticket allocation, etc.