Digital Privacy Panels

@Jinho has been steadily growing the Ambassador Program and had a few people lined up to host local meetups introducing Status to their communities. With the current situation, in person meetups no longer a viable option in the short term. So he had the idea to host digital meetups. With that, we will produce some Status hosted webinars to serve as guides and examples of what a meetup could looklike, how to set them up, and a repository of assets for ambassadors to pull from.

This idea made me think of the Principles Seminars hosted back in the fall of 2018. While these were interesting and introduced some nice ideas, they were highly time consuming for cc’s, lacked structure & focus, and didn’t really involve the community in any way.

I propose a monthly digital Panel in which we discuss our principles with a focus on Privacy - as that is a core value proposition of the Status App and it also fits in with current initiatives we are running. These panels should be:

  • Highly Structured: Topic and Agenda shared with panelists prior to webinar (but enable free flow convo
  • Limited to one hour: As not to take up too much time of very busy cc’s
  • Include a moderator: who has the power to cut people off and encourage open convo
  • Diverse: Bring people from different backgrounds, areas of expertise, and viewpoints

*Its literally a digital panel like you would see at a conference.

For the first panel, I propose we start by including core contributors only. This should reduce coordination efforts and keep the conversation focused on our work. For future iterations we invite people from other projects and communities to participate on the panels.

I propose we have 1 moderator and 5 panel members from different areas of The Status Network.

We will record these panels and share them with our community across social channels.

Thoughts? Would anyone be willing to sit on a Privacy Panel in the next 2-3 weeks? If yes - holler below.



I’m in :slight_smile: