Discuss legal and ethical questions

Status and Web 3.0 are new concepts with new rules. Therefore not only technical hurdles have to be overcome but also ethical and legal questions have to be ansẃered.

In centralized Web 2 there are creator of content and owner of content. Creators are youtubers, infuencers, kids, moms and news pages responsable for creating their content. Owner of content like Alphabet and Meta are responsable for hosting/ sharing that content. So even if the creator of ilegal content is anonymous and cannot be blamed we can stop sharing it by asking the owner to delete it.

However who owns a content in Status/ Waku. What if me running a full Waku-node supports terrorist getting followers, pedophile sharing abuse content or rasist planing to kill someone.

On the other hand we have to ask ourselves if we want someone to decide what is legal or not. And is pushing people with certain opinions into bubbles the best way to deal with them in society? Like people using telegram to avoid legal consequences or censorship.

To say it in a dramatic way: Will Status give people freedom or a weapon?