Displaying NFT's and tokens in user profiles

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Idea name: User profiles should show what assets they own.
With the exception of being able to post a status, user profiles are not differentiated from each other.

When examining why NFTs are something people would want to own, it’s probably similar to why anyone would pay for a work of art that can otherwise be view for free, social status. People want to be recognized for being patrons or being culturally plugged. So it seems natural that a platform that targets social should enable showcasing digital assets.

Another reason is it lends credibility when a new account appears in a room claiming to be someone and they own certain rare NFTs compared with accounts holding no assets.

This is how a profile currently looks in Status.

Here is the same address in Opensea.


Fortunately Opensea has an api that they encourage wallets to integrate with.

Get back all descriptions and multiple asset formats including thumbnails.

curl --request GET
–url ‘https://api.opensea.io/api/v1/assets?owner=0x21631d18d9681D4fFDd460FC45fA52159fCd95c8&order_direction=desc&offset=0&limit=20

Use case: *As a user, I want to see what assets a profile owns so that I can engage with crypto personalities directly in Status.
Target user: Users that are into NFTs and digital assets.
Why this is important: It will create engagement by embracing crypto’s cultural aspects.
Any other comments:

If you think this is a great idea and know how to implement it, consider posting a project proposal on Assemble.

This is really useful in a public profile and possibly within communities somehow. If you take the Larva Labs Discord for example, there is constant use of bots accessing specific artworks to share data in the channel. Would be really nice to be able to click on profiles and be able to show/hide assets.

Love this idea as it also makes your profile in Status an even more social elements. In a way, it reminds me of an instagram feed. The visual element of the NFTs makes it fun to scroll through someones profile. I could even see this evolving into an entirely new integrated social application built on top of the social network that is already Status

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