Ending MoreHappi Trial

Just a quick follow up on MoreHappi.

Our trial was due to end on June 30th. These were the usage stats at that point.

We asked to extend it with one month to get more feedback - and have asked through Peakon what the general sentiment was. I touched on it briefly at the last Town Hall:

21 people answered

  • 3 loved it
  • 7 didn’t get a chance to try or didn’t get enough experience to be able to make a recommendation
  • 1 did not like it
  • 7 would not use anything like that (particularly if provided by a company)
  • 3 mentioned that they would not be comfortable discussing personal matters in English

That, added to the delayed start of service in North America and other difficulties mentioned about lack of available coaches in non-EU timezones, made us decide that we’ll conclude our collaboration with them here for the time being.
We’ll keep options open for later in time when they extend coverage to other regions and languages.

Thanks to all who tried it out and provided feedback :raised_hands: :blush:.

Let us know if any questions.