Engage users and other projects with Keycard at Devcon 6

Devcon team has officially told us they are keen on having keycard at Devcon in August (each attendee would get a keycard).

Handing a Keycard incentivize attendees to install status, and is a nice gift. Still … we miss some nice user experience or partnerships where Keycard is used during the show for fun, engaging, or useful purposes.

One word about how this works:

  • on one side, Keycard has a randomly generated key, generated at the factory. With a tap on any dApp, keycard can sign any piece of data with this key. More on this here.
  • on an other side, user interact with the blockchain with a wallet. This wallet can be status wallet (generated or imported) or could be a wallet accessed through a dApp on Status browser. In any case this wallet has its own public key.

One thing is that there is no correspondence between these two keys. And this correspondence needs to happen at some point.

Our initial idea was to create, prior to the show, a bucket of assets onchain: a smart contract holding some assets and a correspondance between these assets and each card. The user would go to a dApp and tap his card, and input a Wallet adress. The bucket would then send assets to the specified wallet. The issue is that we can’t do that on mainnet because of gas costs and their unpredictability (how much will they be the day of the event on august 10th ?)

We’re trying to think at other use cases that would be fun, engaging, or prone to partnerships … and that would use keycard as a mean of interaction. Also ideally interactions with the blockchain should be gas less or on a alternative and cheaper chain than mainnet.

Do you guys have any new ideas about this ? What could we build ? What could other projects build that interacts with keycard at Devcon ?