Engagement Survey Results January 2022

Hello everyone!

Time for an update on our engagement results. Last update was for the results of September 2021, and a quarter later, overall score is still extremely strong.

Our overall engagement score, 8.8 has improved compared to 8.7 of last quarter and still significantly beats the technology benchmark by 0.8

Screenshot 2022-01-13 at 8.52.32 AM

Down below instead are the areas where we are doing best compared to industry standards. Please note that these are not our highest score overall (e.g. the scale Autonomy reaches a stellar 9.7!), this is where we beat the industry benchmark by the largest margin. Which makes the overall result even more impressive. So big thanks to everyone for making Status a great project to contribute to!

The only area where we appear to be lagging at this time, is peer relationships. This hardly comes as a surprise since we contribute fully remotely to begin with, and we did not have the chance to go on an offsite for about two years, due to the Covid situation.

On a positive note, the planning for the offsite is underway and - to respond once again to the multiple queries - we hope to be making an announcement relatively soon. So please bear with us for a little longer, and you’ll be rewarded with exciting news; if Omicron or whatever new variant doesn’t decide to get in our way, we should be finally getting together in Q2.

Aside from the all hands event, having friendships in the workplace is, as counterintuitive as it may sound to some, a strong driver of engagement. In 30 years of research, Gallup has found that having a best friend at work increased employee satisfaction by 50%, and those employees are seven times more likely to fully engage in their work; other research has offered more support for this idea.

As such, we will also be looking into other opportunities to facilitate these connections among contributors, and we would appreciate some thoughts and ideas in the comments sections. What could Status do to facilitate the development of friendships and connections?

Finally, you can appreciate the engagement results evolution across the contributors’ lifecycle.

*for the avoidance of doubt Peakon defines as employee whoever submits answers to the survey. However the results here displayed are not based on employees but rather all the contributors of Status who submitted their answers

During the onboarding phase it is naturally lower, as new joiners try to make sense of the new environment and often deal with the challenges of a fully remote onboarding, which can be new for many. (So if you’re a new joiner, things are just about to get better!)

The score still confirms we have a solid onboarding process, which we constantly strive to improve using your comments and feedbacks. But more importantly, the 9.0 score during initial development is impressive and shows that people were set up for success during the onboarding phase and have been fully assimilated to the organization. Also, very positive to see a consistently high score (8.8) for more tenured contributors, meaning engagement is high even when out of the “honeymoon phase”.

To wrap this up, a few housekeeping announcements and notes:

  • · Please remember that the engagement survey responses remains absolutely anonymous and confidential. You may have noticed that when you make a comment, sometimes you get a response from me (or someone in people ops), offering to have a call if you’d like to share more. Please note that when we add that comment we don’t know who you are, we only see the comment you posted.
  • · After checking within the organization, we have decided that we will be switching again the engagement survey frequency to quarterly. The number of questions won’t increase particularly, so we can strike a decent balance and the new survey should take you approximately 15 minutes. With this quarterly frequency, you will always see a Discuss post such as this containing the main insights, so you can see an output after putting in the time to fill it out. This also allows more time to see significant trends and changes, and respond with ideas and initiatives.

On this note, we always love to hear your ideas, comments and suggestions down below on how we can make working at Status more exciting every day!

We look forward to hearing your suggestions here

Thanks for sharing these outcomes @rick84!

Suggestion on the ‘friendships in the workplace’. In the past we’ve had something like roulette 1:1 calls. People would be paired with randomly and could select a discussion topic from a list. Personally really liked that approach. Downside is that it adds another call to agenda’s, but frequency might be low.

Another thing I miss is use of the kudos dapp. It got expensive as it involved awarding SNT with ever-increasing gas costs. I really liked the personal message wall where people left appreciation notes.


1:1 calls sound like a very nice idea Hester, we should bring them back. It might interfere with some peoples’ agenda true, so I wonder if the best approach could be to let people sign up for it first and then pair up only those who choose to, as opposed to pairing up everyone and letting them decide whether to set up the call or not?

That makes sense to me. In the past I believe it was through sign-up as well. Nothing too formal, but a reaction to a Slack message iirc

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